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Knowledge management for all

KSS is easy to use, just like using a Word document editor. KSS is based on the most modern technologies, but they all operate in the background.

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Freedom of knowledge management

You can manage documents, records with the KSS framework, or build taxonomies or a family tree - only your imagination sets the limit.

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Knowledge in the cloud

Everyone is entitled to a little piece of the cloud to share or hide his thoughts.

KSS: Knowledge sharing solutions by Kovex-Computer Ltd..

Our mission is to make knowledge openly available. KSS is a web-based knowledge management framework, which is based on graphical DSL technology and in the framework preferential applications can be generated.



Ontology development

Among workers working the same field it helps working together if a specialty ontology is developed.


Notebook management

Uploading records into a private cloud is becoming increasingly widespread.


Document management

Uploading our documents and records into a public or private cloud has more advantages than disadvantages.