Project Management

All small and medium-sized enterprises in the life it happens that some projects will be performed. The company’s resources must be organized and directed to a specific time frame and cost of the project to achieve its goal.

Statement of problem:

The business organization is generally structured according to the operational functions. A problem occurs when a project, a major task has to be performed. Then we must create a project organization and its operation must be coordinated.

Objective: to support the operation of the project by information technology. The proposed application (knowledge base) only supports the operation of the project, but does not control it.


We treat in a knowledge base the data of the contributors, the documents of the project process (feasibility study, Work Packages, Tasks, Deliverables), the data of financial management and the data of the management of the special field.

Benefits: The application makes it easier to manage the project.

Disadvantages: it means additional work because a lot of information that was generated during the process and documentation must be uploaded into the knowledge base. The uploading can only take place with regulated contents and form.

You can view our project management application at the following URL:

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