Family tree management

Also refers to research or to live with family members also contacts the ancients Family Tree during treatment.

Statement of problem: In this application there are no real problems, but rather demands arising in some family member. If the family members come from many different countries, there may be need for multilingual contents. In the KSS framework it is feasible to build multilingual contents using the language/country scopes.

Objective: To build a family tree knowledge base management.

Solution: Building a family tree knowledge base management.

Advantages: The contact between living family members facilitates this.

Disadvantages: in a family small community it means work for some members of the family, since it is difficult to gather information on family members, and it is also difficult to upload content. If we are also engaged in researching ancestors, then we are faced with even more difficult work.

The Genealogical research knowledge base can be viewed at the following URL:

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