Innovation results

Professional exploit our knowledge of small and large enterprise environments. Our staff in the following areas gained business experience, competencies, have been engaged in various projects:

EDMS&KMS software

The project created a prototype, a general-purpose electronic document (EDMS) and knowledge management system (KMS) generating software. The prototype is based on generating a high-level language (DSL). DSL is a programming language, certain kinds of tasks are solved with it. The technology’s biggest advantage is that the user gets a unique product at a low price. The created software is tailor-made for the project, as described below.

In JAVA executable environments, the DSL generator software generates a descriptive meta-language XML. The prototype interprets this. The prototype is an international novelty. The novelty of the complexity (due to the merging of meta data and knowledge) and the use of DSL technology.

The project’s result is a market knowledge and document management software and systems for generating an ontology management.

Realized activities:

  • Electronic document management, and knowledge management technologies, standards and directives research.
  • The document management and knowledge management solutions for research.
  • Ontological basic research.
  • Develop a management ontology.
  • increasing the number of themes and associations to analyze the impact of the demands on computer resources.
  • Safety Data conducting research.
  • DSL-based to electronic document and knowledge management software prototype implementation.

The project has created a tradable international level innovation in PC prototype. EDMX & KMS software based on a domain-specific language specialized electronic document and knowledge management software.