Dokument safe

Safe for the exchange of knowledge (DocVault) For two people the information document.

Statement of problem:

More and more user arises as to whether e-mail, Skype or not to send any data, and do not attach any files, which may come from disadvantage if it is the hands of strangers. Rather, Pen drive storage media (USB key) and I pass it, asking the recipient to see if the data used, wipe it off. However, it is also demand that the information transmitted, received anywhere achieve, so our data are in the cloud.

Objective: Hidden, secure and confidential exchange of information is realized between the two persons.

Solution: Building a DocVault application. In this application, the concealment is achieved by the fact that apart from us access to the  knowledge base is not known. The protection is realized because user name and password knowledge is required. Finally the character transformation encryption can also be achieved, both in the article content, and the file.

Document safe application is suited to systematically upload the entry and files, so we can quickly retrieve all uploaded data. The benefits resulting from the knowledge base: schemes, associations and the use of tag.

Benefits: By using the DocVault we can accomplish that we could have

secure information exchange with our partner.

Disadvantages: means additional work, since we need to log in, in some cases they should be encrypted, which takes time. Organization also has a price, because it takes time and we have to think even during the uploading.


Our DocVault application can be viewed at the following URL: