The ontology development is presented in a particular field of expertise through the field of water chemistry.

Statement of the problem: among workers in the same field working together becomes more difficult if they misunderstand each other because everyone has another interpretation of the terms used. This problem may be solved by building a specialty knowledge base (ontology, application).

Objective: To build a knowledge base of thesauri. This knowledge base (application) prepare a glossary specialty (specialty ontology). We Disadvantagesider it an internal policies, which relates to how we interpret the concepts of the field.

Solution: Building a knowledge base for specialty glossary (ontology).

Advantages: Using the thesaurus we can achieve to “speak one language.” As a result of knowledge sharing, the knowledge of some is easily embraced by others.

Disadvantages: it means additional work and continuous learning. The transmitters of knowledge may lose some of their privileged situation.

The ontology building application entitled Water Chemistry glossary in 2015 can be viewed at the following URL:


If you like it, you can request your own application free, send an e-mail to the address onto.built@kovex.hu.