Statement of problem: “If your memory is poor, take a notebook with you,” states a saying. Using a funny turn of speech, this saying raises the problem that if we do not record our thoughts, we will soon forget them. Another related problem is that for an instant note this notebook has to be at hand.

Objective: To build a knowledge base of notebook management. In this knowledge base (application) we fashion for our records in an easy to use data structure.

Solution: Building a notebook management knowledge base (ontology).

Benefits: our more important thoughts will not be forgotten. Our thoughts are also easier to share.

Disadvantages: it means systematic extra work, as for the recorded thoughts to be easily retrieved, they must be uploaded in a systematic way and they must be labeled.

The ontology building application called Notebook can be viewed at the following URL:

If you like it, request your own free application, send an e-mail to address.